DeFi Features

The DeFi features are operations and activities that are used to increase liquidity and the token utilities whereas burning tokens to avoid hyperinflation. All of them will benefit the best not only tokens but to the community, players and investors. The DeFi Features are including Staking, Sacred Beast, Wheel Spin Reward, Building Challenge, Synthesis, Tournament, and Event Fee.


Like other platforms, staking is the key feature to provide liquidity for organizing on the platform. The liquidity Provider will receive a shared pool reward from the liquidity pool. Moreover, there are more benefits for stakeholders to be added in the future.
EVM token holders can use their tokens to stake in our staking pool via Evermoon official website. After staking, EVM token holders will receive another token to feed and evolve their sacred beast for more limited NFT rewards in the future. Don’t miss your chance to get these limited NFTs and make your character look more flawless in the game
Note : these limited NFTs mostly be a skin that is not for sale and will reward only one time.

Wheel Spin Reward

Want to test your luck? Wheel Spin Reward is the answer! Evermoon team has created the lucky testing feature called wheel spin reward which uses $EVM to spin the wheel and have a chance to get better random items as a reward.


If you're looking for NFT, you've come to the right place. Evermoon offers its own marketplace platform for players to freely exchange their NFT. Players can purchase NFT that they love and sell NFT that they don't want, including all types of NFT such as Tickets, Heroes, Skins and Runes. In our marketplace, the currency used to purchase NFT will be $EVM.