Problem & Solution

Nowadays, The gaming industry is booming as a form of entertainment for people all over the world to unwind with, but the Game 2.0 Industry, also known as the traditional gaming industry, is lacking in many crucial factors, including:
● Asset-Ownership of In-game Item: Gaming industry generates billions of dollars that only goes to the game company, while players get nothing in return. In order to make profits from selling in-game items, players have to sell the whole account or trade in a Black Market.
● Game items hyperinflation: In-game items are unlimited supply and hyperinflation occurs in game economy without solutions.
Therefore, Web3 is coming to fill the gap in Game 2.0 Industry using Blockchain Technology.
On the other hand, while this could solve the issues plaguing Game 2.0 Industry, Game 3.0 Industry also introduces new problems such as:
● Entry Price:There are extreme fluctuations of NFT price that need for purchase for in-game utilities that can shift value from ten to thousand dollars by market situation
● Low user retention due to the game is NOT Fun-To-Play, poor game design, poor art development, leading to the loss of demands to buy back the token making Token price keeps falling down
● Hyperinflation of NFT in-game that makes NFT price keeps falling down from being unlimited supply and low utilities
● Pay-To-Win game that destroy the fun and balance of game economy & community
● High barrier for traditional players due to complexity to enter the web3 Play-And-Earn game
The Solution; The Game and sustainable Economy of Evermoon is created with the goals to overcome those problems and exists as a source of entertainment, social group connector and provides capital fulfillment that will entertain, empower and enrich players around the world emotionally, physically, and financially.
Evermoon as Game 2.0 Industry Solution :
● Marketplace: to sell and buy an NFT for real use in the game
● Building Challenge: A burning mechanism that will fix the hyperinflation of in-game assets and increase NFTs utility
● Synthesis: A burning mechanism for reward token (Secondary) and NFT in-games upgrades.
Evermoon as Game 3.0 Industry Solution
● Peg the price of the NFT Capsule from Primary Marketplace as $EVM token of BUSD equivalent at the affordable rate for the majority, while making huge utility of the governance token to resolve the extreme fluctuations of NFT price and maximize player entry.
● Free-To-Play & Play-And-Earn: Get the demand and mass adoption from huge population of Game 2.0 mainstream gamers by offering high quality & Fun-To-Play game into Web3
● Supply of Evermoon NFT Capsules will be unlimited mint, but limited by game season, which naturally creates high rarity of unlimited NFT supply in Secondary Marketplace for players profits.
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