Jungle Monster & Camp

In the world of Evermoon, the jungle monsters located between the lanes, colloquially known as “the jungle,” offer an intriguing dimension of gameplay.
The Jungle represents the terrain that envelops the lanes, characterized by dense foliage that limits visibility and winding, often non-linear pathways. When a player opts to go Jungling, it signifies their intent to eliminate the creeps in the wilderness to level up and secure buffs. Although Jungling can provide a quick edge over adversaries, it also poses significant risks, particularly during the early game, as Jungle Creeps are formidable opponents for characters below level 10. These creeps feature exclusively in the Imperial Sanctuary Map.
Jungling requires a tactical approach to exploit the top and bottom areas of the jungle efficiently. Certain hero classes, such as Assassins and Fighters, are particularly adept at Jungling due to their ability to inflict substantial early game damage, clear jungle camps swiftly, and quickly gank lanes.
Jungling serves a primary purpose of securing key buffs like Blue Buff, Red Buff, Eternal Guardian and Serpant. The jungle monsters, scattered across the jungle expanse, offer players valuable rewards, including gold, experience, and various bonuses. These rewards come without impacting your team's lane minions. As the match commences, monsters spawn at different intervals. A jungler equipped with the Furiousment battle spell and Jungling Boot will outpace other heroes in Jungling speed.

The Jungle Monsters in EverField include:

Leafy: Upon elimination, grants Holy Water which provides an instant heal for a teammate or True Damage to an enemy. Also, grants gold upon successful killing.
Bo: Grants gold upon successful killing.
Crimp: Grants gold upon successful killing.
Rex: Grants gold upon successful killing.
Ozzie: Grants gold upon successful killing.
Ember: Provides the Red Buff upon elimination, causing hits to slow enemies and burn them for a duration. Also, grants gold upon successful killing.
Aqua: Eliminating Aqua gives the Blue Buff, which reduces cooldowns and recovers a portion of MaxMana per second. Also, grants gold upon successful killing.
Wisp: If a player is not in a battle stage for a few seconds, eliminating Wisp boosts movement speed and recovers a portion of MaxHP periodically. Also, grants gold upon successful killing.
Eternal Guardian: Upon elimination, increases physical and magical damage for a certain duration. This monster also grants the most gold upon successful killing.
Serpant (Lord): Eliminating the Serpant allows the player to summon the Serpant, which stuns the tower for a short duration. It also increases all minions' HP and physical and magical damage for a certain duration. This monster also grants additional gold upon successful killing.
Each of these jungle monsters provides unique rewards and strategic opportunities, making them a critical element of gameplay in Evermoon.
More jungle monsters details and their abilities will be unveiled in due course.
Evermoon also features evolving bosses, Eternal Guardian and Serpant, granting special buffs, allies, money, and levels upon defeat. These buffs aid in team fights and tower destruction. However, these bosses are potent adversaries requiring careful planning and preparation.
In a standard 5-on-5 game of Evermoon, the roles are divided such that four players on a team will be Laners, and one player will be a designated Jungler. The Jungler relies on neutralizing mobs in the jungle to match their laning teammates in terms of gold and experience. The Jungle, therefore, adds a layer of strategic depth and offers an alternative pathway to gaining an advantage in Evermoon.