Match Type

Evermoon offers two distinctive modes for players to engage in - Normal Match and Ranked Match. Each mode offers a unique gameplay experience, providing various rewards and challenges that cater to different player preferences.

Normal Match:

Normal Match is a standard 5v5 mode where two teams compete against each other. Playing a Normal Match consumes one stamina. Upon winning the match, players will be rewarded with a Free Loot Box and Experience Points (EXP). If a match is lost, players still receive Experience Points, ensuring that every game contributes to their growth. However, if players engage in a Normal Match without using stamina, only Experience Points will be awarded.

Ranked Match:

The Ranked Match is a more competitive 5v5 mode, where players battle to climb the ranks and earn better rewards. Similar to the Normal Match, playing a Ranked Match also consumes one stamina. Winning a Ranked Match provides players with a Winner Loot Box, Experience Points, and ranking points that elevate their rank. Losing the match awards a Loser Loot Box and Experience Points, but players will experience a drop in their rank. Engaging in a Ranked Match without using stamina grants players only Experience Points and ranking points.
Below is the table showing the ranks from lowest to highest, as well as the associated Winner Loot Box that can be obtained at each rank. The rewards increase in value and rarity as players ascend through the ranks.
Bronze Chest
Silver Chest
Gold Chest
Platinum Chest
Diamond Chest
Zenither Chest
Beyonder Chest
With the choice between Normal and Ranked Matches, Evermoon caters to a broad range of players - from those seeking casual fun to competitive gamers aiming for the top. Whether players are in it for the thrill of the competition, the satisfaction of progress, or the allure of substantial rewards, Evermoon's game modes provide a compelling and rewarding experience.