The characters we play are called heroes, which can be divided into 6 classes. Each of the classes will have different statuses such as HP, armor, attack power, mobility, and roles, which can be adjusted according to the skills that are suitable to the roles available for playing.
Each class has its strengths and weaknesses as follows:
1. Assassin – this is the class of assassins that kill the enemies with the speed of light from short and long-distance. The highlight is the high mobility and ability to cause burst damage in exchange for the small amount of HP.
2. Fighter – this is the class of fighters that fight with enemies with their force and muscles. This is a balanced class because they have high HP, armor, and can cause medium damage in exchange for low mobility status.
3. Tank – this is the fort to protect the allies from enemies and act as the shields to find the opportunity to defeat the enemies. The highlight of this class is the high power value of HP and armor in exchange for the low level of attack power and mobility.
4. Carry – the main class to cause damage to the enemies from a long distance. They change the experience points collected with the support of the allies into the opportunity to defeat the enemies. The highlight of this class is highly continuous damage and different levels of HP and mobility. Their weakness is less armor status.
5. Mage – the class of magician who are ready to use their magic to defeat the enemies from a long distance. The highlight of this class is the highest continuous damage. The weakness is the low level of HP, armor, and mobility.
6. Support – the class of supporters who have different skills to help from short and long-distance. They provide support and help the parties until the enemies are defeated and lost. Each character in this class has different types of skills. They might have a lot of HP with a medium to low level of armor with a low level of damage and mobility. Moreover, this class can be divided into 2 types:
1) Support Tanker – this type has a lot of Crowd Control (CC) skills to support the teammates in attacking or defending the turrets.
2) Support Healer – this type has a low level of Crowd Control (CC), but they have the skill to grant shields or increase HP to their teammates.
Each of the above classes has several heroes, each of which may belong to more than one class for the diversity of options.
Players can get the heroes through the following 3 ways: