Ticket is an NFT item that can help players establish new things in the game such as a new rune page, a new guild and starting a new seasoned Everpass. There are three types of tickets: rune page ticket, guild ticket and everpass ticket.
For a rune page ticket, it is used to create a new rune page for setting another new rune set which can be selected while starting the match.
A guild ticket is used to construct a new guild. A guild is a system that allows players to form a group for finding a team, and playing and chatting together in the name of a guild.
Everpass is the level book that assigns the special quest to players. If the quest is successful, players will be rewarded the experience points that can be used to increase the Everpass level. Moreover, there are rewards at each level for players such as Rare Skin and Profile Icon.
An everpass ticket is used to start a new seasoned everpass, allowing players to complete seasoned quests for exclusive seasoned rewards.