Problem & Solution

Nowadays, The gaming industry is booming as a form of entertainment for people all over the world to unwind with, but the web2 gaming industry, also known as the traditional gaming industry, is lacking in two crucial factors which are the ability to actually own assets and a protocol to regulate the in-game items inflation. Therefore, web3 is coming to fill the gap in web2 games using blockchain technology. On the other hand, while this could solve the issues plaguing web2 games, it also introduces new problems such as poor graphics and gameplay due to rush development to keep up with the latest trends. Moreover, Furthermore, since blockchain technology is behind web3, the cost of the NFTs required to play the games is very unpredictable according to market demand., so it leads to a high price of entry barrier. Because of these issues, the game and economy cannot be sustained.
The solutions to this criterion are to make a triple-A game with enjoyable gameplay and stunning graphics, a triple-A game, in order to make a real game, to integrate the game with blockchain technology which can solve the problem of web 2 games using its advantages to transfer ownership of a tangible asset using the power of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and to stabilise the prices inflation of in-game digital assets by using smart contract and Defi Protocol. Moreover, Evermoon offers a unique concept called Play-and-Earn, which is the perfect description for the solution since it means that the user is not forced to play. Still, the game is actually entertaining to draw them while making money from playing
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