Problem & Solution
Nowadays, the two primary factors that attract real gamers to play traditional games are gameplay and graphics. If the gameplay is enjoyable and the graphics are outstanding, the game will most likely have a large number of players, implying that the game can become more sustainable. On the other hand, most existing GameFi in the industry lacks those two appealing factors, which are essential to the game industry. Furthermore, GameFi employs the Play-to-Earn concept, which indicates that users must push themselves to play the game in order to earn money. Therefore, the game is less likely to be sustained.
The solution to this criterion is to create a game with enjoyable gameplay and beautiful graphics, a triple-A game, in order to make it a real game. As a result, it ends up emphasizing game mechanics rather than earning. Evermoon offers a unique concept called Play-and-Earn, which is the perfect description for the solution since it means that the user is not forced to play, but the game is actually entertaining to draw them while making money from playing.
Last modified 5mo ago
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