Sacred Beast

In the enchanting world of Evermoon, the Sacred Beast feature offers players an entirely unique dimension to the game. It blends elements of digital pet raising and staking, allowing players to care for mythical creatures while also being rewarded for their efforts. The journey of a Sacred Beast from an Egg to a fully mature creature forms an integral part of this feature.

"Origin and Evolution"

Every Sacred Beast has a life of its own, growing and evolving from a humble egg to an awe-inspiring mythical creature. This growth process requires dedicated care from the player, symbolized by 'feeding' the beast by locking $EVM tokens for a certain period. As the Sacred Beast grows, it showers its owner with rare and unique NFTs, some of which are exclusively obtainable only through this process.

Sacred Eggs - The Beginning

Sacred Beasts originate from Sacred Eggs, which are unique NFTs that can be freely minted. The supply of these eggs is limited, with only 1,000 available, adding a layer of rarity and value. Players can acquire these eggs and thus embark on the journey of raising a Sacred Beast.

Hatching - The Emergence of a Sacred Beast

Once a player has successfully minted a Sacred Egg, the hatching process begins. This involves feeding the egg with a specific amount of Evermoon Tokens ($EVM). Once the required number of tokens has been deposited, the Sacred Egg hatches into a Level 1 Sacred Beast, ready to start its growth journey.
Sacred Beasts in Evermoon are not only nurtured for their unique rewards but also embody the lore and diversity of the game's universe. Each Beast belongs to a specific tribe, with their tribal affiliation determined randomly upon hatching from the Sacred Egg.

Sacred Beast Tribes:

There are five tribes within the Evermoon universe, each represented by a specific Sacred Beast. The tribes and their representative beasts are as follows:
  • Nakamatos Tribe: Represented by the Sacred Beast, Arthur. The Nakamatos Tribe is known for its profound wisdom and insight.
  • Ethern Tribe: The Ethern Tribe's representative Sacred Beast is Persia. This tribe is renowned for its strong connection to natural elements and spiritual powers.
  • Byzan Tribe: Represented by Buck, the Byzan Tribe is distinguished by its resilience and unmatched physical prowess.
  • Lunarian Tribe: The Sacred Beast, Luna, stands for the Lunarian Tribe, a tribe celebrated for its intellect and technological advancements.
  • Solis Tribe: Kuu represents the Solis Tribe, revered for its vibrant energy and passion.
The tribe a Sacred Beast belongs to adds another layer of depth to its narrative and appeal. Not only does it influence the Beast's aesthetics, but it may also play a role in gameplay, potentially affecting the Beast's abilities or the rewards it offers.

Levelling Up - Growth and Progress

The growth and development of a Sacred Beast are tied to the process of feeding it by depositing or "locking" $EVM tokens for a specific time period. This process provides experience points (EXP) that contribute towards the growth of the Sacred Beast, allowing it to level up and offer its rewards.

Experience Points (EXP) Acquisition:

Players gain EXP for their Sacred Beast using a 'Constant Multiplier' per $EVM, dependent on the length of the token lock period. The details are as follows:
  • Locking tokens for 1 week yields 300 EXP per $EVM.
  • Locking tokens for 2 weeks yields 700 EXP per $EVM.
  • Locking tokens for 4 weeks yields 1,600 EXP per $EVM. Note that this option includes a 1-day cooldown period.

Experience Points (EXP) and Level Up:

The amount of EXP required for each level increase, and the corresponding reward, is as follows:
  • Level 0 (Sacred Egg) to Level 1 requires 5,000,000 EXP.
  • Level 1 to Level 2 requires an additional 7,500,000 EXP.
  • Level 2 to Level 3 requires an additional 10,000,000 EXP.
  • Level 3 to Level 4 requires an additional 15,000,000 EXP.
With each level increase, the Sacred Beast bestows a unique NFT reward to its owner, providing both a sense of achievement and a tangible reward for the player's efforts. Through this mechanic, Evermoon seamlessly integrates token utility, player engagement, and tangible rewards into a captivating gameplay loop.

Sacred Beast Rewards - RGB Painted Skin NFTs & Sacred Beast Pet NFTs

As players nurture and raise their Sacred Beasts, they unlock unique rewards at each growth level, adding depth and value to their Evermoon experience. The process of nurturing a Sacred Beast provides an immersive gameplay element that ties together investment of time and resources with meaningful and unique rewards.
The leveling system for the Sacred Beast is as follows:
  • Level 1: Players receive 1 unique RGB Painted Skin NFT with a Frame.
  • Level 2: Players receive another unique RGB Painted Skin NFT with a Frame.
  • Level 3: Players receive a third unique RGB Painted Skin NFT with a Frame.
  • Level 4: Players receive a Sacred Beast Pet NFT, unique to their Sacred Beast's tribe.
Each tribe offers a unique set of rewards, creating a diverse collection for players as they grow their Sacred Beast:
  • Nakamatos Beast: Unlocks Ayla RGB Painted Skin NFT, Mapius RGB Painted Skin NFT, Ayla RGB Painted Skin NFT, and Arthur from Nakamatos Tribe (Lion Pet).
  • Ethern Beast: Unlocks Bullock RGB Painted Skin NFT, Dotler RGB Painted Skin NFT, Bullock RGB Painted Skin NFT, and Persia from Ethern Tribe (Cat Pet).
  • Byzan Beast: Unlocks Tazia RGB Painted Skin NFT, Mora RGB Painted Skin NFT, Tazia RGB Painted Skin NFT, and Buck from Byzan Tribe (Bear Pet).
  • Lunarian Beast: Unlocks KwonDo RGB Painted Skin NFT, Yano RGB Painted Skin NFT, KwonDo RGB Painted Skin NFT, and Luna from Lunarian Tribe (Rabbit Pet).
  • Solis Beast: Unlocks Orca RGB Painted Skin NFT, Axolt RGB Painted Skin NFT, Orca RGB Painted Skin NFT, and Kuu from Solis Tribe (Otter Pet).

RGB Painted Skin NFTs

The RGB Painted Skin NFTs provide unique skins for Heroes, each coming with its own unique Frame combination. These skins come in three varieties: RGB Basic Skins, RGB Advanced Skins, and RGB Masterpiece Skins.
The drop chances for the three types of RGB Painted Skin NFTs are as follows:
  • RGB Basic Skins: 70% drop chance
  • RGB Advanced Skins: 25% drop chance
  • RGB Masterpiece Skins: 5% drop chance
Note: The cut count is updated every 300 NFT drops.
RGB Painted Skin NFTs and Frame combinations are diverse, based on 10 Heroes with 20 RGB Painted Skin variations (10 RGB Basic Skins per Hero, 6 RGB Advanced Skins per Hero, and 4 RGB Masterpiece Skins per Hero), paired with 15 different Frame variations. By holding an RGB Painted Skin NFT, players gain 1 additional stamina, allowing them to earn more significant rewards from Loot Boxes.

Sacred Beast Pet NFT

At Level 4, players receive a Sacred Beast Pet NFT. These pets accompany Heroes on the battlefield, mimicking player behavior without increasing attack stats. Each pet belongs to a specific tribe, and holding a Sacred Beast Pet NFT grants a 30% increase in the maximum reward drop rate, enhancing the player's gaming experience.
The exclusive NFTs are not available for direct purchase and can only be obtained by investing time and resources into the growth of a player's Sacred Beast. This strategy provides a gameplay experience that is both engaging and rewarding, making the journey through Evermoon a truly unique adventure.