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Sacred Beasts in Evermoon: Enhancing Gameplay and Narrative

Introducing Sacred Beasts: Your key to elevated gameplay and increased rewards. Sacred Beasts function as battlefield companions for your Hero, while also boosting your earning potential within the Play-and-Earn system. Their limited availability ensures their value and desirability within the Evermoon world.

Obtaining Sacred Beast NFT

  1. Starting Point - Sacred Egg (Lv.0):

    • Players begin their journey with a Sacred Egg, a limited-edition NFT with only 2,500 available.

    • These Eggs represent the initial phase in acquiring a Sacred Beast.

  2. Evolution Process:

  • Sacred Eggs evolve through three levels (Lv.1 to Lv.3).

  • Players use $EVM tokens to facilitate this growth by feeding the Sacred Egg (Lock $EVM for a certain period) , turning the Egg into a full-fledged Sacred Beast.

Utility and Benefits

  • Battle Companions:

    • Sacred Beasts, from Lv.1 to Lv.3, accompany players in battles, enhancing your overall gaming experience within the Evermoon realm.

  • Enhanced Daily Stamina:

    • As your Sacred Beast evolves, it unlocks greater potential within the Play-and-Earn ecosystem.

      • Level 3 Sacred Beast: Obtain +1 Daily Stamina point, expanding your capacity to engage in more Play-and-Earn activities and increasing your opportunities for earning!

Tribal Affiliations and Lore

  • Each Sacred Beast belongs to one of Evermoon's tribes, deepening the game's lore and offering varied gameplay experiences:

    • Nakamatos Tribe - Arthur, the Sacred Lion: Embodies bravery and strength, symbolizing the tribe's resilience and courage.

    • Ethern Tribe - Persia, the Sacred Cat: Represents wisdom and magical prowess, reflecting the tribe's cunning and ambition.

    • Byzan Tribe - Buck, the Sacred Bear: Symbolizes protective strength and deep connection with nature, embodying the tribe's fierce determination.

    • Lunarian Tribe - Luna, the Sacred Rabbit: Epitomizes intelligence and agility, mirroring the tribe's vision for exploration and understanding.

    • Solis Tribe - Kuu, the Sacred Otter: Exemplifies joy and adaptability, highlighting the tribe's unity and affinity with the sea.

🏰pageSacred Beast Story

Sacred Beasts in Evermoon's gameplay not only adds a layer of excitement and strategy but also enriches the narrative, offering players a more engaging and rewarding experience. These Beasts are designed to resonate with players who appreciate depth in gaming mechanics as well as storytelling.

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