Welcome to the comprehensive guide to Evermoon's DeFi system. In this whitepaper, we shed light on the various DeFi elements that give Evermoon its uniqueness and offer our users an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

Sacred Beasts - the heart of our DeFi system, are more than companions for their tribes. These entities are an investment that players nurture and evolve by depositing $EVM tokens. Their growth provides players with exclusive NFT rewards, enhancing the gaming experience and increasing potential earning opportunities.

💰Sacred Beast

De-Zentrum Pool is an innovative feature aimed at maximizing the utility of $EVM tokens and stimulating their demand. Participants can deposit $EVM tokens for a fixed duration and acquire various privileges such as interest, monthly lottery ticket airdrops, and priority in NFT purchases.

💰De-Zentrum Pool

Building Challenge and Synthesis are unique features that provide players with opportunities to upgrade their in-game items, including NFTs and Runes. The synthesis process involves using $ES tokens and increases the chance of success with each attempt, creating a balanced risk-reward equation.

💰Building Challenge💰Synthesis

The Evermoon Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) embodies a decentralized governance framework, allowing our community to actively influence the game's development and strategic direction. By granting token holders significant decision-making power, the DAO ensures that Evermoon's evolution mirrors the collective preferences and insights of its most committed enthusiasts.

💰DAO Vote

Through this whitepaper, we aim to provide detailed information about our DeFi system, ensuring our players have a comprehensive understanding of the mechanics, potential rewards, and strategies to maximize their Evermoon experience. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we explore the exciting world of Evermoon's DeFi system.

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