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Evermoon DAO Voting

The Evermoon ecosystem introduces a decentralized governance model that empowers our community to actively participate in the decision-making processes affecting the game's development and direction. Through the Evermoon Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), token holders are granted a significant role in shaping the future of Evermoon, ensuring that the game evolves in a way that reflects the preferences and insights of its most dedicated supporters.

Voting Mechanism

Evermoon DAO Voting leverages the $EVM token, the governance token of the Evermoon ecosystem, as the medium for community members to cast their votes on various proposals. These proposals can range from game feature updates, hero adjustments, ecosystem enhancements, to broader strategic decisions.


  • Token Holding: To participate in the DAO voting, individuals must hold a minimum threshold of $EVM tokens, ensuring that voters have a vested interest in the outcome of the decisions.

  • Staking: In some instances, $EVM tokens may need to be staked to gain voting rights, aligning the long-term interests of the voters with the health and success of the Evermoon ecosystem.

Proposal Submission

  • Community Proposals: Members of the Evermoon community can submit proposals for consideration, subject to meeting predefined criteria, including but not limited to, a minimum number of $EVM tokens held or staked.

  • Review Process: Submitted proposals undergo a preliminary review by the Evermoon team to ensure they align with the game's vision, technical feasibility, and community values.

Voting Process

  • Voting Weight: The weight of a participant's vote is directly proportional to the number of $EVM tokens they hold or have staked, promoting a fair and equitable influence that correlates with their stake in the ecosystem.

  • Voting Period: Proposals are open for voting for a set period, allowing ample time for community engagement, discussion, and consideration.

  • Transparency: Voting results are made public to maintain transparency and trust within the community, with detailed reports on vote distribution and the decision-making process.

Use Cases for DAO Voting

  1. Gameplay Adjustments: Modifications to game mechanics, balancing of hero abilities, and introduction of new game features.

  2. Hero Adjustments: Changes to hero skills, stats, and roles to maintain a balanced and fair competitive environment.

  3. Ecosystem Updates: Decisions on DeFi integrations, NFT functionalities, and expansions of the Evermoon marketplace.

  4. Strategic Directions: Input on broader strategic initiatives, partnerships, and platform development priorities.

Impact and Benefits

  • Community Empowerment: DAO voting empowers the Evermoon community, giving players and token holders a direct influence over the game's evolution.

  • Alignment of Interests: By requiring $EVM token holding for voting, the interests of the voters are aligned with the long-term success and sustainability of the ecosystem.

  • Adaptive and Responsive: The DAO structure allows Evermoon to remain adaptive and responsive to the needs and desires of its community, fostering a sense of ownership and loyalty among its members.

By leveraging $EVM tokens, Evermoon ensures that those who are invested in the platform have a say in our development, making it a truly community-driven experience. Through this democratic process, Evermoon aims to build a game that not only entertains but also resonates with and belongs to our community.

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