Sacred Beast (Upcoming)

The Sacred Beast is a feature that allows us to raise mythical creatures from eggs to majestic beasts. These beasts will give their owner random limited NFTs that they cannot obtain from anywhere else. The beast also has its own tribe, which will be chosen at random when it hatches from an egg.
Like staking, to grow the beast, the beast holder must care and feed the creatures by locking $EVM for a certain period of time until the beasts reach an age and are ready to give the rewards back to you. (Don’t forget to feed them continuously even if they are already mature!)
There are five species of sacred beasts, just as there are five tribes! Included :
the Nakamotos
the Ethern
the Byzan
the Lunarian
the Solis
Each has a distinctive look and design that can be evolved up to three levels as seen in the pictures above. Each new level will change the beast's appearance, granting the owner more rewards. The benefits are depicted in the graphic below.