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Sacred Beast Utilities in Evermoon

Evermoon integrates the power of blockchain with the immersive world of MOBA gaming. The Sacred Beast and Sacred Egg collections play a pivotal role in enhancing gameplay, tokenomics, and player rewards.

Sacred Beast Collection

Sacred Beasts are the evolved form of Sacred Eggs, each belonging to a unique tribe. Players nurture and evolve them by depositing $EVM tokens. Their growth provides players with unique NFT rewards, unobtainable anywhere else, through a progressive leveling system:
  • Level 1: Players receive a unique RGB Painted Skin NFT with a Frame.
  • Level 2: Another unique RGB Painted Skin NFT with a Frame is awarded.
  • Level 3: Players receive a third unique RGB Painted Skin NFT with a Frame.
  • Level 4: Players are given a Sacred Beast Pet NFT, exclusive to their Sacred Beast's tribe.

RGB Painted Skin and Sacred Beast Pet NFT Utilities

RGB Painted Skins and Sacred Beast Pet NFTs are not just decorative enhancements and status symbols. They contribute to the overall gaming strategy by offering:
  • Increased Stamina: RGB Painted Skin NFTs and Sacred Beast Pet NFTs significantly boost a player's stamina. An increase in stamina enables extended play time of the Play-and-Earn quota, thereby maximizing rewards within the game.
    • Each RGB Painted Skin provides an additional +1 stamina, with no limit on the total stamina gain.
    • The Sacred Beast Pet NFT further escalates this advantage by increasing the maximum reward drop rate by 30%.
  • P2P Marketplace Trading: All forms of the Sacred Beast evolution (The Sacred Egg, The Sacred Beast, RGB Painted Skin, and Sacred Beast Pet NFTs) are tradable on the peer-to-peer marketplace. These rare assets offer investment opportunities for players, potentially leading to profitable returns. The only way to acquire these coveted NFTs is via whitelist access and subsequent hatching – a process that further infuses these assets with rarity. As such, players can not only enjoy an immersive gaming experience but also invest and potentially profit from the growth and development of their Sacred Beasts.
With these unique utilities, Evermoon creates a fascinating blend of gaming and blockchain economies, rewarding players for their engagement, strategy, and time invested.
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Sacred Beasts are more than just digital collectibles; they are the gateways to enhanced gameplay, increased earnings, and the vibrant Evermoon community. Through careful nurturing and strategizing, players can maximize their rewards and profits while enjoying an immersive gaming experience.