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The Sacred Beast Testnet -- 10 Million EVM Rewards!!!**

The Sacred Beast Testnet is a significant milestone in the development of Evermoon, offering players the opportunity to preview and participate in a pivotal feature of the game – the Sacred Beast ecosystem. This section outlines the details of the testnet, its timeline, the mechanics involved, and the rewards up for grabs.


"Sacred Beast Testnet" is scheduled to go live for two weeks in Q3-Q4 2023. To keep updated with all the latest news and announcements, be sure to follow us across all our social media platforms on https://linktr.ee/evermoon_game.


The rewards for participating in the Sacred Beast Testnet are enticing. Here they are:
Guaranteed Sacred Egg Whitelist Spot: The top 300 leaderboard performers (Event Sprint) within the Evermoon Community on Zealy will earn a guaranteed spot on the whitelist to mint a Sacred Egg during the official mint phase.
10 Million $EVM Tokens Airdrop: Participants who successfully grow their Sacred Beast to full maturity on Level 4 during the event period will share in a reward pool of 10,000,000 $EVM tokens. The reward pool will be divided amongst the holders of fully grown beasts based on a lottery system. Here's how the airdrop distribution will be conducted:
  • TOTAL $EVM Prize Pool: 10,000,000 $EVM Tokens
The prize pool will be distributed among the participants as follows:
  • 5% of users will receive 30% of the total prize pool
  • 25% of users will receive 30% of the total prize pool
  • 30% of users will receive 20% of the total prize pool
  • 40% of users will receive 20% of the total prize pool
Note: The $EVM token reward release will proceed according to this schedule: 10% of tokens reward will be unlocked 2 weeks after the Token Generation Event (TGE), an additional 10% will be vested monthly over the course of 9 months.
In addition to these rewards, participants also get the unique opportunity to experience the Sacred Beast ecosystem firsthand and contribute to its development. This involvement can provide valuable insights that will help shape the game's official launch phase.


To participate in the testnet, users must join through the Evermoon website. You will experience the core mechanics of the Sacred Beast feature, which includes feeding the Sacred Egg with $EVM tokens to hatch the Sacred Beast, then continually nurturing the beast to facilitate its growth through EXP gain.
The timeline for feeding and growth will be significantly reduced for the testnet to accommodate the limited two-week testing period. The necessary $EVM tokens for the testnet can be obtained by participating in quests within the Evermoon Community on Zealy at https://zealy.io/c/evermooncommunity/questboard (Event Sprint only). The XP earned from these quests will be converted to $EVM Testnet Tokens, which can then be used to feed the Sacred Egg and Sacred Beast in Testnet.

Sacred Beast Experience Multiplier for Testnet

The experience gained on The Sacred Beast Testnet is based on a constant multiplier from $EVM to Experience. The multiplier works as follows:
  • Lock 10,000 $EVM for 1 hour -> Gain 10,000 EXP
  • Lock 22,000 $EVM for 2 hours -> Gain 22,000 EXP
  • Lock 50,000 $EVM for 4 hours -> Gain 50,000 EXP
Note: This process has a cooldown of 1 day.

Sacred Beast Experience Levels

Progressing from one level to the next requires gaining a specific amount of experience points (EXP):
  • From Sacred Egg Level 0 to Sacred Beast Level 1: 5,000,000 EXP
  • From Sacred Beast Level 1 to Level 2: 7,500,000 EXP
  • From Sacred Beast Level 2 to Level 3: 10,000,000 EXP
  • From Sacred Beast Level 3 to Level 4: 15,000,000 EXP
The Sacred Beast Testnet is a unique opportunity for the Evermoon community to contribute to the game's development and get a firsthand experience of a central game feature. Additionally, it is a chance for participants to secure unique rewards that will give them an edge in the official launch phase. The feedback and insights gained during this event will be invaluable for refining and improving the Sacred Beast ecosystem and the overall Evermoon experience.