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In Evermoon, the introduction of unique digital items, known as NFTs, adds an exciting layer to the game. These items, which players can own, trade, and use, play a big part in making the game more engaging. There are two main types of NFTs in Evermoon: primary NFTs, which are crucial for playing the game, and secondary NFTs, which offer additional ways to customize and enhance your gaming experience.

Primary NFTs:

Primary NFTs are the key elements you need to play Evermoon effectively and/or increase Stamina which boost your capacity to Play-and-Earn. They include:

  • Capsules: These are special boxes that give you random items when you open them. You can find Capsules in the game's marketplace.

  • Seasoned NFTs: These are the heroes and their skins that you control in the game. Each hero has unique abilities and contributes to the core gameplay. Seasoned NFTs are available for a limited time during each game season, and using them can help you play more and earn greater rewards according to Stamina Rule. You can get these through Epic Capsules and Legendary Capsules, in-game challenges, or the marketplace.

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Secondary NFTs:

Secondary NFTs enhance your game by offering customization options, gameplay enhancements and/or increase Stamina which boost your capacity to Play-and-Earn. For example:

  • Sacred Beast Pet: Your battle companions that enhance daily stamina.

  • Runes: Improve your hero's abilities by upgrading their initial status.

  • Tickets: Unlock new quests and content within the game.

  • Cards: Provide special boosts or benefits to support your gameplay.

  • Icons and Frames: Personalize your in-game profile with unique avatars and decorative borders.

You can acquire these secondary NFTs through winning loot boxes, the marketplace, or special in-game events. While not essential for gameplay, they allow you to personalize your experience, strategize better, and enjoy the game in your unique way.

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Evermoon's approach to NFTs ensures a rich, immersive gaming experience. Primary NFTs are integral to gameplay, while secondary NFTs let you customize and enhance your journey through the Evermoon universe.

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