Welcome to Evermoon: Your Adventure Begins Here

Welcome to Evermoon, a realm where fantasy intertwines with strategy in an unparalleled 5v5 MOBA journey. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential steps to ensure you're well-prepared to navigate the vibrant Play-and-Earn world of Evermoon, making your experience both seamless and rewarding.

Step 1: Begin with a Hero Welcome Pack

Upon entering Evermoon, every adventurer is gifted a set of 5 heroes. These heroes are your initial companions, ready to stand by your side as you explore the vast landscapes and face formidable opponents.

Step 2: Enhance Your Stamina with Hero Collection

The journey is long and filled with challenges. To ensure you're ready, having 6 heroes in your collection boosts your stamina to 5, enabling more participation in battles and quests, thereby enhancing your Evermoon experience in Play-and-Earn.


Step 3: Dive into Customization and Unlock Rewards

  • Capsules: Explore a realm of customization and rewards with our Capsule system. Ranging from Common to Legendary, each Capsule contains exclusive items like VFX and skins, adding a personal touch to your journey.

  • Everpass: Secure an Everpass Ticket to access a spectrum of rewards, enhancing both your gameplay and aesthetics.

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Step 4: Maintain a Positive Behavior Score

Start with a Behavior Score of 50, and aim to increase it through positive interactions and sportsmanship. A higher score grants access to Ranked Matches and boosts your reward multipliers, emphasizing respect and honor in the Evermoon community.

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Step 5: Engage with the Evermoon Economy

Immerse yourself in an in-game economy centered around $EVM and $ES tokens, along with various in-game rewards. Earn tokens, runes, and cards by participating in matches, completing quests, and interacting with the community, enriching your gaming experience.

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Step 6: Contribute to Community and Governance

Your input is invaluable in Evermoon. Join the community, partake in discussions, and use your $EVM tokens to influence game developments and hero adjustments. Together, we're crafting the future of Evermoon.

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Step 7: Commit to Fair Play and Security

Evermoon is devoted to ensuring a fair, secure, and enjoyable environment for all players. Our Behavior Score system promotes a culture of respect and sportsmanship, creating a positive space for every adventurer.

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As you venture into Evermoon, remember that each hero's journey is distinct. From strategizing for battles to customizing heroes and engaging with fellow players, Evermoon offers a comprehensive, immersive experience that transcends the game. Welcome to Evermoon, where every turn is a new adventure, and legends are waiting to be made.

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