๐Ÿฅ‡Game Economy

Evermoon Game Economy

Evermoonโ€™s in-game economy is predicated on the balance of accessibility, sustainability, and rewarding gameplay. Our economic model is integrated seamlessly with the core game mechanics, fostering an environment where every interaction contributes to the player's overall experience and the health of the game's economy.

1. Currency System

1.1. EVM and $ES Tokens

Evermoon employs a dual-token model: $EVM is the primary in-game currency used for transactions, character upgrades, and entry fees, while $ES is a secondary token that facilitates special in-game activities and provides a means to earn through play.

1.2. Capsule Purchases

Capsules can be purchased with $EVM and are essential for acquiring Hero Skins, Runes, and Staminaโ€”elements crucial for gameplay and progression.

1.3. Marketplace Dynamics

Our Marketplace allows for the trading and purchasing of in-game assets and NFTs. Players can use EVM to acquire new items, trade with others, and enhance their game experience.

2. NFT Integration

2.1. Collectible and Tradable Assets

NFTs within Evermoon serve as unique, collectible, and tradable digital assets, each with varying degrees of rarity and utility within the game world. They can be obtained through Capsules or the Marketplace.

2.2. Burning Mechanisms

Players can increase the value and utility of their NFTs and Runes through Building Challenge and Synthesis, which combines NFTs or Runes to create higher-tier assets. The Burning Mechanism allows players to remove NFTs from circulation in exchange for $ES and more valuable NFTs, ensuring a balanced economy and retaining value.

3. Gameplay Economics

3.1. Stamina System

Stamina dictates a playerโ€™s daily capacity to participate in matches and earn rewards. It is replenished over time or through in-game purchases, ensuring fair play and preventing exploitation.

3.2. Match Earnings

Players can engage in both Rank and Normal Matches, with Rank Matches offering higher earnings potential.

  • Free Players have access to all game modes but encounter earning limits

  • Invest Players can earn significantly more, due to more Stamina, reflecting their investment

4. Reward System

4.1. Performance-Based Rewards

End-of-match rewards include $ES, and potential NFTs like Effects, Runes, Tickets, Spray etc. The system incentivizes performance, match type, and the player's remaining Stamina.

4.2. Seasonal and Competitive Incentives

Players are encouraged to engage through Season End Rewards, Leaderboard Rankings and Tournament Competition. Top performers receive substantial rewards including exclusive NFTs, $EVM, and more.

5. Sustainability and Growth

5.1. Economic Loop

Through top-ups, purchases, and trading, players contribute to a circulating economy. This model supports ongoing development, new content creation, and rewards distribution.

5.2. Community-Driven Value

A dynamic economy thrives on active participation. Evermoon incentivizes positive behavior and community-building, which in turn enhances the overall value of the gameโ€™s economy.

Evermoonโ€™s economy is designed for longevity and player satisfaction. We have instituted a comprehensive system that caters to diverse player strategies, encourages fair competition, and maintains a thriving game world. As Evermoon continues to evolve, we are committed to monitoring, refining, and innovating our economic model to ensure it remains dynamic and rewarding for our community.

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