🥇Gameplay Rewards

In Evermoon, both free and investing players have the opportunity to earn various rewards through gameplay. Here's a breakdown of the different rewards and how they can be obtained by both types of players:

Loot Boxes

Free players can obtain Winner Loot Boxes, Loser Loot Boxes, Free Loot Boxes, Daily Loot Boxes, and Weekly Loot Boxes through regular gameplay, such as winning or losing Ranked Matches, winning Normal Matches, and daily/weekly logins. These loot boxes contain $ES, Everpoint, and Runes of various levels. Investing players can also earn these rewards through regular gameplay.

Rank Rewards

All players, regardless of investment, can earn Rank Rewards by participating in Ranked Matches and climbing the ranks. As players achieve higher ranks, they receive better rewards like higher-value loot boxes.

Season-End Rewards

Players who reach the top leaderboard in ranked mode at the end of each season will receive EVM tokens, NFTs, and other rewards. This is applicable to both free and investing players, as long as they achieve the required leaderboard positions.


The Everpass is a level book that assigns special quests to players. By successfully completing these quests, players can earn experience points to increase their Everpass level and receive rewards like Rare Skins and Profile Icons. Investing players who purchase an Everpass Ticket can unlock additional exclusive rewards through seasoned quests. More Details will be released after Official Game Launch

Events and Activities

Both free and investing players can participate in Evermoon events and activities to win exclusive NFTs, bundles, or other in-game items.

Evermoon offers various rewards to both free and investing players. While investing players may have access to some exclusive content, free players can still enjoy a rewarding gaming experience and have the chance to earn valuable in-game items.

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