The Lootbox in Evermoon is a randomized container of items that players can earn as rewards during gameplay. Lootboxes consist of various valuable items such as $ES tokens, Everpoints, and Runes, making them a desirable prize.

There are five types of Lootboxes, each with its own unique rewards and methods of acquisition:

Winner Loot Box

This Lootbox is rewarded to winners of Rank Matches. The quality of rewards improves with the player's rank, offering a compelling incentive to improve gameplay. Rewards may include $ES, Everpoints, and Level 1 Runes.

Loser Loot Box

Even if a player loses a Rank Match, they will still receive a Lootbox. However, the rewards will be less valuable than the Winner Loot Box. Typically, these boxes contain $ES and Everpoints.

Free Loot Box

Winning a Normal Match will reward players with a Free Loot Box. These boxes can provide $ES and Everpoints.

Daily Loot Box

Daily Loot Boxes are granted upon completion of daily objectives or missions. The rewards typically include $ES.

Weekly Loot Box

Weekly Loot Boxes are offered upon completion of weekly objectives or missions. They may contain $ES and Level 1 Runes.

The implementation of the Lootbox system promotes an engaging and rewarding gameplay experience, encouraging players to participate actively in both matches and daily/weekly missions. These Lootboxes not only provide in-game resources but also contribute to players' progression and advancement in the game.

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