Rank Rewards

Ranking up is a crucial part of Evermoon's gaming experience. It is a testament to a player's skill, strategy, and dedication in the game. As a form of acknowledgment and incentive, Evermoon offers Rank Rewards that players can obtain throughout the season as they level up ranks.

The Ranked Match is a more competitive 5v5 mode, where players battle to climb the ranks and earn better rewards. Similar to the Normal Match, playing a Ranked Match also consumes one stamina. Winning a Ranked Match provides players with a Winner Loot Box, Experience Points, and ranking points that elevate their rank. Losing the match awards a Loser Loot Box and Experience Points, but players will experience a drop in their rank. Engaging in a Ranked Match without using stamina grants players only Experience Points and ranking points.

The Rank Rewards are directly tied to the player's rank. The higher the rank, the better the rewards. The rewards increase in value and rarity as players ascend through the ranks.

Here is the list of ranks from lowest to highest, along with the associated Winner Loot Box that can be obtained at each rank:

  1. Bronze: Bronze Chest

  2. Silver: Silver Chest

  3. Gold: Gold Chest

  4. Platinum: Platinum Chest

  5. Diamond: Diamond Chest

  6. Zenither: Zenither Chest

  7. Beyonder: Beyonder Chest

Each Chest contains various rewards, including $ES, Everpoints, Runes, Skins, and possibly rare NFTs. The specific contents and values of these chests may vary depending on the season and other factors determined by the game developers.

This system allows players to set their sights on tangible goals, thereby promoting healthy competition, continuous gameplay, and the betterment of skills.

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