Season-End Reward

Evermoon encourages healthy competition and player engagement by rewarding top-performing players at the end of each season. Season-End Rewards are special bonuses given to players who have excelled in the ranked mode and have managed to secure a spot on the top leaderboard.

For the Alpha and Beta stages of the game, the specifics of the Season-End Rewards are still to be revealed. This decision is made to ensure a thorough review and adjustment of reward parameters based on the data and feedback gathered during these stages. We believe in providing rewards that are both enticing and fair, promoting a balanced competitive environment.

For the Official Game, after the end of each season, the top players on the leaderboard in ranked mode will be rewarded. These rewards may include EVM tokens, exclusive NFTs, unique skins, and many more.

(Please note that the specifics of the rewards for each ranking bracket will be announced before the start of the official season. We appreciate your patience and support as we finalize the details. Stay tuned for more updates.)

Season-End Rewards will motivate players to continually improve their gameplay, strategize effectively, and strive for higher ranks, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience!

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