🥇Seamless In-Game Purchases

Purchase In-game Asset

Understanding that not all players may be familiar with blockchain technology, Evermoon provides an alternative method for purchasing in-game utility items as NFTs through the Top-up system. This approach ensures that a broader range of players can participate in the game economy while also introducing them to the benefits of blockchain-based gaming.

1. Top-up System for In-Game Purchases

Players who are not yet familiar with the blockchain can use the Top-up system to buy in-game utility items as NFTs. This in-game currency can be spent on purchasing NFT assets, and the system will automatically mint the corresponding NFT and store it in a developer-secured wallet on the player's behalf.

2. Transitioning to Web3 Wallets

As players become more educated about Web3 technology and choose to create their own wallet, they can claim their in-game NFTs via the Evermoon website. This transition allows players to fully benefit from the true ownership, tradeability, and value appreciation offered by NFT assets.

3. Fiat Money and Buyback Mechanism

The fiat money received from the Top-up system and in-game purchases will be used to buy back Evermoon Tokens from the trading market. This mechanism helps maintain the token's price value and promotes increased utility. The process is equivalent to minting NFT assets directly from the Primary Marketplace on the Evermoon website.

By offering a seamless transition between traditional in-game purchases and the more advanced Web3-based ecosystem, Evermoon ensures that its game economy remains inclusive and accessible. As players gradually adopt blockchain technology, they can enjoy the full benefits of NFT assets, including true ownership, tradeability, and potential value appreciation.

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