In Evermoon, the Stamina system plays a pivotal role in the play-to-earn mechanics of the game. It serves as a measure of a player's capacity to participate in rewarding gameplay sessions. Each player is allocated a certain amount of Stamina per day, which can be used to engage in ranked matches for earning significant rewards, such as Loot Boxes. The Stamina system also serves to maintain the balance of the in-game economy by controlling the supply of rewards.

Mechanics of the Stamina system

Playing with Stamina:

When players use their Stamina to participate in matches, they have the chance to earn Loot Boxes, which contain various in-game rewards. The higher the player's Stamina, the more matches they can participate in, and the more Loot Boxes they can potentially earn.

Playing without Stamina:

Players can still participate in matches even if they have exhausted their daily Stamina. While these matches won't yield Loot Boxes, players will still earn a smaller amount of rewards, allowing them to progress in the game.

Stamina Refresh:

Every day, each player's Stamina is refreshed. The amount of Stamina a player receives is determined by the number of heroes and skins they possess. For instance, players who own more than five heroes receive five Stamina points daily. The purchase of additional skins can further increase a player's Stamina.

Stamina Calculation:

The stamina calculation in Evermoon is based on the number of heroes a player has and the types of skins, NFTs they own. Here is the breakdown:

  1. Players with 0-5 heroes receive 1 stamina point per day.

  2. Players with 6 or more heroes receive a maximum of 5 stamina points per day.

In addition to the base stamina provided by the number of heroes a player has, owning certain skins can also increase a player's stamina:

  1. Each Level.3 Sacred Beast adds +1 stamina

**There is no limit on how much additional stamina can be gained through Level.3 Sacred Beast

Extra Reward Drop:

Skins can also influence the drop rate of rewards for each account with stamina:

  1. A Rare Skin increases the maximum reward drop rate by 5%.

  2. An Epic Skin increases the maximum reward drop rate by 10%.

  3. A Mystic Skin increases the maximum reward drop rate by 15%.

  4. A Legendary Skin increases the maximum reward drop rate by 20%.

  5. A Festival Skin increases the maximum reward drop rate by 25%.

  6. A Special Skin increases the maximum reward drop rate by 30%.

Please note that the additional reward drop rate from tier skins is not stackable. The highest value among the skins owned by the player will be applied. For instance, if a player owns both a Rare Skin and a Legendary Skin, the reward drop rate will be increased by the maximum value of 20%, not a cumulative 25%.

Stamina serves as a critical tool to maintain game balance and a sustainable economy in Evermoon. By rewarding players based on their in-game assets and gameplay, the Stamina system encourages strategic gaming and fosters a balanced play-to-earn environment.

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