🏰Evermoon Lore

In the vast cosmos, EverField is a world of wonder and danger. "Beyonder", a powerful entity, once sensed a great threat to EverField - dark shadows shaped like sinister human figures, known as "the Void". These creatures were parasites, eager to consume life energy. Drawn by Beyonder's strong and tempting power, the Void, including their king, descended upon EverField.

To protect the world, Beyonder dispersed and sealed its own power, creating De-Zentrum, to prevent the Void from consuming it. This power was entrusted to five distinct tribes:


The ancient tribe, descendants of Beyonder. They guard the balance of De-Zentrum, ensuring it doesn't fall into wrong hands. The tribe includes both ordinary people with special powers and divine guardians.


Split from the Nakamatos, this tribe wants to unleash De-Zentrum's power to spread prosperity across EverField. They inhabit a world filled with mysterious beings.


Aliens hunting for treasures and power, seeking to colonize EverField. They are technologically advanced.


Native to the forest zones, they possess powers connected to nature and have their own protectors.


An underwater tribe in the mysterious Vasmania region. They are part aquatic beings, with unique and magical creatures. Previously devastated by an Ethern attack, they are now recovering and seeking revenge.

The world of EverField, once saved by Beyonder, now faces a new challenge as these tribes vie for control of De-Zentrum. The actions of heroes in this conflict will determine the fate of EverField. Will they pursue power or seek unity, balance, and harmony? The story of EverField is unfolding, and its future lies in the hands of those brave enough to rise above the chaos.

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