Yano: The Repentant Blade

Life didn't give Yano an easy start. As a child, he was captured by a group of thieves but exhibited an early show of courage and cunning by managing to escape their clutches. However, without a family or home to return to, Yano found himself joining a gang of thugs to survive in the harsh realities of his world.

Fifteen years later, Yano's path took an unexpected turn during a bank heist. In the midst of the chaos, he encountered KwonDo, his long-lost older brother who was leading the unit dispatched to stop the robbery. KwonDo was struck by Yano's skill in using close-range weapons and recognized his brother's potential beneath the hardened exterior of a thief.

Instead of capturing Yano, KwonDo took a leap of faith and decided to offer his brother a chance for redemption. He brought Yano into the army, introducing him to skilled soldiers who could hone his inherent skills with swords and close-range combat.

Under KwonDo's guidance and the strict discipline of the military, Yano began his journey towards becoming a reputable soldier. Together, the reunited brothers work side by side, using their skills to serve and protect the people of Everfield. The tale of Yano serves as a testament to the power of redemption and the unbreakable bonds of family.

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