Alicia: The Angelic Scholar of Nakamatos Tribe

Alicia, a figure of wisdom and tranquility, hails from the Nakamatos tribe, known for their long lifespan and intellectual prowess. With thousands of years to live, Alicia has devoted herself to the pursuit of knowledge, constantly exploring new realms of understanding and discovery.

She spends most of her time immersed in ancient texts and new research alike, her thirst for knowledge unquenchable. This quest for wisdom has made Alicia one of the most intelligent members of the Nakamatos tribe. Her expansive knowledge is not only respected but also sought after by others in her tribe, making her an indispensable part of her community.

Alicia also shares a deep bond with Mapius, a fellow Nakamatos tribe member. While they may seem different, with Alicia's serene and contemplative nature contrasting with Mapius' fierce and courageous spirit, their friendship is a testament to their shared commitment to their tribe and their complementary strengths.

Alicia's pursuit of knowledge isn't merely a personal passion. She believes that through knowledge and understanding, harmony can be achieved within her tribe and beyond. As an angel of the Nakamatos tribe, she seeks to use her wisdom to guide her people, navigating the challenges of the present while shaping a brighter future.

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