Orca: The Avenger of Solis Tribe

Orca's tale is one of both tragedy and resilience. Once a renowned assassin for the Solis Tribe's leader, he was known for his unmatched stealth and lethal combat skills. His life was one of peace and fulfillment, cherishing his wife and children in the tranquil depths of the Solis domain.

His world was shattered when a mission took him away from his home. Tasked with an exploration mission into the outer reaches of the EverField universe, Orca was away when disaster struck. A ruthless group invaded the Solis Tribe, resulting in mass devastation and the loss of almost all its members. The serene underwater kingdom turned into a graveyard overnight.

Orca returned home to the horrifying sight of his devastated tribe. The life he had known was ripped away from him. His wife and children, the joys of his life, were among the fallen. The peaceful underwater utopia he once called home was now a silent tomb.

Yet, within Orca, the tragedy sparked a flame that could not be extinguished. Consumed by grief, he pledged to avenge his tribe and family. He channeled his pain into a newfound purpose: vengeance against the ones who had destroyed everything he held dear.

Orca's story is now one of retribution. He roams the vast expanses of EverField, relentlessly hunting the culprits behind his tribe's destruction. With each passing day, his resolve strengthens, and his skills become more lethal. The once-peaceful assassin has transformed into an avenger, fueled by a single, unwavering goal: justice for the Solis Tribe.

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