Vel: The Enigmatic Ancient of the Solis Tribe

Dwelling in the heart of the Solis Tribe, Vel is a figure cloaked in mystery and steeped in the ancient lore of EverField. An unusual creature, part man, part dragon, his existence bridges the gap between myth and reality.

Born of the Solis Tribe, Vel represents the enduring strength and wisdom of his people. Yet, his unique nature has often painted him as a target. The Lunarian Tribe, driven by curiosity and the pursuit of power, captured Vel in an attempt to uncover the secrets that lay within his ancient lineage. They hoped to exploit this knowledge for their gain.

For years, Vel was held captive in a Lunarian research center. The Lunarians conducted countless experiments, hoping to understand and replicate his clan-specific abilities. However, Vel's spirit remained unbroken. Drawing upon the power of his ancient lineage, he orchestrated a daring escape, leveling the research center in the process.

Vel's story is a testament to resilience in the face of adversity. His unique abilities, paired with his indomitable will, make him a formidable presence in EverField. As Vel continues his journey, he seeks not only to preserve his freedom but also to protect the heritage of the Solis Tribe.

Despite the trials he's faced, Vel remains a proud guardian of his tribe's legacy. His half-man, half-dragon form stands as a symbol of the Solis Tribe's rich history and enduring strength. His journey in EverField is just beginning, and the tales of his valor are yet to be written.

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