The Lore of Tribes in EverField

EverField, the world of Evermoon, is home to a diverse collection of tribes, each with its own unique history, culture, and abilities. These tribes coexist, often in harmony but sometimes in conflict, in a vibrant world full of mystery and adventure. Five tribes - Nakamatos, Ethern, Byzan, Lunarian, and Solis - stand out, each playing a significant role in the unfolding story of EverField.


The Nakamatos tribe is an ancient tribe that discovered the power fractions of De-Zentrum, a powerful energy source that maintains the balance of their kingdom. Every 100 years, through a rigorous selection process, the power of De-Zentrum is passed on to the most deserving individual. They are the original guardians of De-Zentrum, a role they have cherished and protected for centuries.


Born out of rejection and resentment, the Ethern tribe was formed by those who aspired to possess the power of De-Zentrum but were not chosen. Feeling unjustly treated, they rebelled, causing a split within the kingdom. They later established their own empire, known as the Ethern Empire, seeking to acquire the power they were denied.


Inhabitants of the Planterious Forest, part of the expansive world of EverField, the Byzan tribe is a peaceful, nature-loving community. They are skilled in cultivation and farming and are also adept at crafting battle equipment and weapons for self-defense, preferring to live a peaceful life away from the conflicts surrounding De-Zentrum.


The Lunarian tribe hails from the Terra planet and undertakes missions to Evermoon as part of the promotion process for Lunarian soldiers. Their primary task is to explore the planets and study the Kuvitos, the creatures inhabiting Evermoon, proving their worth for higher ranks within their society.


The Solis tribe is a unique half-fish, half-human species residing in the aquatic world of the Vasmania region in EverField. They possess the ability to communicate underwater and with other aquatic life forms. Their tranquil existence was disrupted when the Ethern tribe invaded them for resources, resulting in a devastating loss for the Solis, with many tribe members perishing and only a few surviving.

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