⚔️Tournament and E-sports

Much like other games in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre and broader esports scene, Evermoon hosts a variety of tournaments, leagues, and events. These serve as avenues for players to showcase their skills, compete at the highest level, and win substantial prizes.

The costs associated with tournaments and events are covered in a novel way, leveraging the unique potential of blockchain technology. Rather than funding these events through in-game sales, Evermoon collects a participation fee from each entrant in the form of $ES tokens. These tokens serve a dual purpose: they help cover the costs of organizing the event and contribute to the prize pool that will be distributed among the winners.

Tournament and E-sport Rewards

In Evermoon, competitive play is not only a thrilling challenge but also a potential source of significant rewards. By participating in tournaments and esports events, players have the opportunity to earn a variety of rewards that enhance their gaming experience and provide tangible value.

Here's a breakdown of what players can expect:

$ES and $EVM Tokens

The primary reward for winning tournaments and esports events in Evermoon is $ES and $EVM Tokens. The exact amount of tokens a player can win will depend on the event's prize pool, their final standing, and the specific distribution rules of the tournament. These tokens can be used in various ways within the Evermoon ecosystem, including purchasing in-game items, participating in DeFi activities, and more.

Exclusive NFTs

In addition to $ES tokens, players may also have the chance to earn exclusive NFTs as part of their tournament rewards. These could include unique hero skins, rare items, or special visual effects that can't be obtained through regular gameplay. These NFTs can add a unique flair to a player's in-game appearance, serve as a status symbol of their competitive success, and potentially have significant value in the Evermoon marketplace.

Recognition and Ranking Points

Winning a tournament or performing well in an esports event can earn players recognition within the Evermoon community. They may receive special badges or titles that are visible to other players, serving as a testament to their skills and accomplishments. Moreover, players might earn ranking points contributing to their position on the global leaderboards, creating opportunities for even greater rewards and recognition in the future.

By offering these diverse rewards, Evermoon motivates players to engage in competitive play, improve their skills, and be part of an active, thriving esports scene. Notably, these rewards also have real-world value due to the blockchain-based nature of Evermoon, adding an extra layer of excitement and incentive to the game's competitive events.

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