Evermoon on ImmutableX

Evermoon and ImmutableX: Building the Next Generation of Web3 MOBAs
Evermoon is a 5v5 3-lane multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that seamlessly blends the PvP battlefield gaming experience with thrilling eSports competition and true player ownership. Boasting a sustainable, uniquely designed free-to-play and earn economy and NFT characters, Evermoon champions true player ownership in every moment of the game.
Leveraging ImmutableX's powerful ZK-rollup scaling solution, Evermoon will provide all players with seamless, gas-free NFT minting and trading at speeds of 9,000 transactions per second. Not only will this make for easy Web3 onboarding, but it will also create a more engaging and immersive gaming experience for all users. All Evermoon digital assets will also be spread far and wide to NFT marketplaces across the Web3 ecosystem thanks to the power of the Immutable shared global orderbook.
Our partnership with IMX is a game-changer for the gaming industry. With Blockchain layer 2 technology, we're creating an ecosystem that enhances gaming and simplifies Web3 for Web2 users,”
“IMX's user-friendly design and fast transactions will take players to the next level, making it perfect for Blockchain Games. We're thrilled about this promising partnership and can't wait to take gaming to new heights!"
Evermoon CEO, Victor A.
For more information on how Evermoon and ImmutableX are building the next great Web3 MOBA, follow our growing communities on Evermoon Social Media and ImmutableX on Twitter, Discord
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