🔍Evermoon Security Audit Completed by Certik

Ensuring Unparalleled Security in the Evermoon Universe

At Evermoon, we're committed to delivering not just an extraordinary gaming experience but also a secure and trustworthy environment for our community. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we've taken a significant step forward by partnering with Certik, a leading blockchain and smart contract verification company, to conduct a comprehensive audit of our systems.

A Thorough Examination by Certik

Certik, renowned for its pioneering work in blockchain security, conducted an extensive review of Evermoon's smart contract ecosystem. This meticulous audit covered critical aspects of our platform, including:

  • Token Bridging: With the increasing importance of seamless asset transfer across different blockchains, our token bridging infrastructure was rigorously evaluated to ensure secure and efficient cross-chain interactions.

  • Evermoon Token Mechanics: At the heart of our ecosystem, the Evermoon token plays a pivotal role. Certik's audit delved into the intricacies of our token's smart contracts to affirm their integrity and the safeguarding of token transactions.

  • Token Vesting Schedules: To ensure transparency and fairness in token distribution, our vesting contracts underwent a thorough scrutiny. This examination was crucial to confirm the alignment of token release schedules with our stated roadmap and commitments.

The audit conducted by Certik has not only reinforced the security of our platform but also underscored our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of safety and reliability in the Evermoon ecosystem. It's important to note that while Certik served as the firm to audit our code, their role was strictly professional and technical, focusing on enhancing our platform's security posture without engaging as a continuous security partner.

Armed with the insights and recommendations from Certik's comprehensive audit, we're more equipped than ever to forge ahead with confidence. Our players and stakeholders can rest assured that Evermoon is built on a foundation of security and trust, with every aspect of our platform standing up to the most rigorous scrutiny.

We're immensely grateful to the team at Certik for their expertise and thoroughness, which have contributed significantly to our ongoing mission to build a safe, secure, and exhilarating gaming universe.

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