Free-to-Play Model

At the heart of Evermoon's gaming experience is a commitment to inclusive, engaging, and rewarding gameplay. Our Free-to-Play Model underscores this commitment, ensuring all players, regardless of financial investment, can participate in and benefit from the game.

Initial Access and Gameplay

Every player in Evermoon begins their journey with access to 4 non-NFT heroes. These heroes offer a comprehensive introduction to Evermoon's gameplay mechanics and strategy elements. The Free-to-Play Model ensures that every player has the necessary resources to start, without any financial investment.

Account Level and Player Progression

Players progress by gaining experience points (EXP) through gameplay and completing quests, regardless of the type of match. This EXP goes towards their Account Level, which upon leveling up, can unlock new features, spells, and other in-game elements, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Stamina and Reward System

Every player, regardless of their financial commitment, receives one stamina point daily. This stamina can be used to participate in Normal Matches, where winning or losing yields a Free Loot Box. These Loot Boxes contain a variety of in-game items and rewards, providing a tangible benefit to daily gameplay.


The Free-to-Play Model also allows for flexibility and upgradability. If a player wishes to increase their earning potential and gameplay opportunities, they can choose to invest by purchasing an NFT hero. This purchase elevates them to an 'Invest Player' status, granting more daily stamina, the ability to participate in Ranked Matches, and access to additional rewards.

In-Game Economy

Evermoon’s in-game economy is designed to be robust and self-sustaining, even within the Free-to-Play Model. By allowing players to earn rewards through gameplay, the game encourages continued engagement. Simultaneously, it supports a balanced economy, where the value of rewards and items is maintained through a careful balance of supply and demand.

Community Participation

The Free-to-Play Model is more than just a gameplay mechanism; it's a community-building tool. All players are invited to participate in community events, join discussions, and contribute to the game's development and future direction.
By combining equal opportunity gameplay, the potential for progression, and community engagement, Evermoon's Free-to-Play Model provides a comprehensive and inclusive gaming experience. Our model not only opens up the world of MOBA gaming to a wider audience but also contributes to a vibrant and diverse community, setting a new standard for the future of gaming.