Game Flow

Evermoon's game economy is designed to provide a fair and balanced gaming experience for all players while encouraging strategic investment and decision-making. This section of the whitepaper outlines the core game flow in terms of economic interactions within Evermoon's ecosystem.

1. Starting with Non-NFT Heroes

All players begin their journey in Evermoon with 4 free non-NFT heroes. These basic heroes allow players to engage in gameplay and learn the game mechanics. However, their daily earning potential is limited due to the reduced stamina and rewards associated with non-NFT heroes.

2. Acquiring NFT Assets

To increase their earnings and unlock additional game features, players must invest in NFT assets such as heroes and skins. These assets can be purchased from capsules or the marketplace using Evermoon Tokens (EVM). Owning NFT assets grants players more stamina, allowing them to participate in a greater number of normal or ranked matches.

3. Earning Loot Boxes

By utilizing their increased stamina, players can compete in matches to win Loot Boxes. These boxes contain valuable in-game rewards, such as Everstones and Runes, which can be used to enhance their heroes and improve gameplay performance.

4. Upgrading and Merging Assets

Players can use Everstones as a fee to upgrade Runes obtained from Loot Boxes. Additionally, they can merge duplicate NFT assets via the Synthesis and Building Challenge feature. Both upgrading and merging result in more powerful and valuable in-game assets.

5. Utilizing Enhanced Assets

With upgraded or merged NFT assets in their possession, players can further enhance their gameplay experience and potentially increase their rewards. These improved assets can be used in matches to gain an edge over opponents, or they can be sold in the marketplace to other players, generating additional EVM income.

6. Marketplace and Economic Circulation

Evermoon's in-game marketplace serves as the central hub for trading and exchanging NFT assets. As players buy, sell, and trade their assets, the economy remains dynamic and active, with EVM tokens circulating within the ecosystem.
In conclusion, Evermoon's game economy revolves around a series of strategic decisions and investments made by players. By engaging in the game flow – acquiring, upgrading, and utilizing NFT assets – players can unlock greater rewards, enhance their gameplay experience, and contribute to the overall health and sustainability of Evermoon's economic ecosystem.