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NFTs and In-Game Assets

Refer to Gameplay Items (NFT)for more details
In Evermoon, the incorporation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) adds an additional layer of depth to the gameplay, significantly enhancing player engagement and experience. These unique digital assets act as in-game items that players can own, trade, and use within the game, driving Evermoon's play-to-earn economy.
The NFTs in Evermoon are categorized into two types: primary and secondary. Primary NFTs are essential for gameplay and include items like Heroes and Capsules, which significantly impact the gaming experience. Secondary NFTs, while not essential for gameplay, provide optional upgrades, enhancements, and cosmetics that can improve gameplay experience or the player's in-game persona.

Primary NFTs

Primary NFTs are essential for gameplay in Evermoon and provide players with opportunities to earn in-game rewards. They constitute the main assets that players interact with, including Capsules, Genesis Hero NFTs, Seasoned Hero NFTs, and Seasoned Skin NFTs.

1. Capsule

Capsules are exclusive loot boxes that players can open to receive random in-game items.
Capsules come in three types:
  1. 1.
    Seasoned Heroes Capsule
  2. 2.
    Seasoned Skin Capsule
  3. 3.
    Genesis Hero Capsule. The Genesis Hero Capsule is only available during the pre-game launch and has a limited supply.
Players can acquire Capsules through
  • Marketplace.

2. Genesis Hero NFTs

These are extremely rare Hero characters that players can use in the game. Genesis Hero NFTs provide an additional +1 stamina daily, allowing players to participate in more play-to-earn matches. These NFTs are available only during the pre-game launch with a limited supply.
Players can acquire Genesis Hero NFTs through
  • Genesis Hero Capsules.

3. Seasoned Hero NFTs

Seasoned Hero NFTs are unique Hero characters that players control in the game. Each Hero possesses distinct abilities and stats, forming the core of the gameplay in Evermoon. Seasoned Hero NFTs are available during the official game launch, with each season offering a limited time for free minting and a price-pegged supply. Using these Heroes can increase a player's stamina, allowing them to play and earn more rewards per day.
Players can acquire Seasoned Hero NFTs through
  • Hero Capsules
  • Building Challenges
  • Marketplace.

4. Seasoned Skin NFTs

Skins are cosmetic enhancements for Heroes that can change a Hero's appearance. Apart from their aesthetic value, Skins can also increase the maximum reward drop rate. Like Seasoned Hero NFTs, Skins are available during the official game launch, with each season offering a limited time for free minting and a price-pegged supply.
Players can acquire Seasoned Skin NFTs through
  • Skin Capsules
  • Building Challenges
  • Marketplace.
The primary NFTs form the backbone of Evermoon's play-to-earn model, enabling players to engage more deeply with the game and reap rewards for their active participation. By strategically acquiring and using these NFTs, players can enhance their gaming experience and maximize their potential earnings.

Secondary NFTs

Secondary NFTs in Evermoon, while not essential for gameplay, offer a wealth of customization and enhancement options. These items provide various ways to upgrade Heroes, unlock new quests, and personalize a player's in-game identity.


Runes can enhance the initial status of a Hero, improving their abilities and performance in matches.
Players can upgrade Runes to higher levels through
  • Synthesis
  • Building Challenges.
Players can acquire Runes through
  • Winner and Weekly Loot Boxes
  • Synthesis
  • Marketplace.


Tickets can unlock new quests and pages in the game, providing players access to additional content and potential rewards.
Players can acquire Tickets through
  • Marketplace.


Cards offer unique support to players, often providing special boosts or benefits.
Cards can be acquired through
  • Marketplace
  • Bundle rewards.


Icons serve as profile avatars, allowing players to customize their in-game identities.
Icons can be acquired through
  • Marketplace


Frames add an extra layer of personalization to the player's profile by providing a decorative border around the profile icon.
Frames can be acquired through
  • Marketplace
  • Bundle rewards.

Item Bundle

Item Bundles are packages of multiple items of varying tiers. They provide a value-based proposition, often bundling together several items.
Item Bundles cannot be minted
Item Bundles can be acquired through
  • Event drops
  • peer-to-peer transactions in the Marketplace.
In Evermoon, both primary and secondary NFTs contribute to an engaging and immersive gaming experience. While primary NFTs play a pivotal role in gameplay, secondary NFTs offer players the opportunity to further customize their in-game experience, develop strategies, and enhance their progression in the game.