Appendix: Capsule

Capsules are integral elements of the Evermoon game experience, serving as exclusive boxes that players can purchase to obtain unique in-game items. These items, varying from Heroes to Skins and Genesis Heroes, add depth to the game and are pivotal for enhancing gameplay and aesthetics. Capsules can be bought using Evermoon's native token, $EVM, in the game's main store, which operates on the blockchain for seamless and secure transactions.
Evermoon employs a Gacha system for Capsules, an approach that introduces the thrill of randomness and chance into the game. Inspired by gashapon machine mechanics, this loot box-style system allows players to receive a variety of in-game assets.

Capsule Types

Capsules in Evermoon can be divided into three main categories, each with its unique items.

Hero Capsule

These Capsules contain various heroes that players can use in the game. The hero obtained from a capsule is random, adding an element of surprise and excitement to each opening.

Skin Capsule

In these Capsules, players can find various skins that can be used to customize their heroes' appearances. The rarity and type of skin obtained are random, giving each opening its unique value.

Genesis Hero Capsule

These Capsules provide players with a chance to get one of the exclusive Genesis Heroes. These heroes are available only during the Initial NFT Offering (INO) period and can't be obtained after that.

Pricing and Acquisition

The Hero and Skin Capsules have a pegged price of $10 to $50. However, it's important to note that the contents of each Capsule are randomized, so the actual value of the items obtained can vary.
Players can buy these Capsules using the Evermoon's native token, $EVM, on the in-game store or Website. While the capsules can also be acquired in the game and later claimed as NFTs by connecting their wallet to the Evermoon website, the price for this method might be higher.

Capsule Drop Rates in Evermoon

In Evermoon, the chance to receive certain items from each type of Capsule is dictated by a predefined drop rate. These drop rates vary based on the type of Capsule and the rarity of the items it contains.
  • Hero Capsule Drop Rate: Hero Capsules contain a random hero from the available hero pool of the current season. The drop rate for each hero is determined by the ratio of that hero to the total number of heroes available in the season. As a result, each hero has an equal chance of being received from a Hero Capsule, ensuring a balanced and fair distribution.
  • Skin Capsule Drop Rate: Skin Capsules provide a random skin of varying rarity. The drop rates for each rarity are as follows:
    • Rare Skin: 50% drop chance
    • Epic Skin: 30% drop chance
    • Mystic Skin: 15% drop chance
    • Legendary Skin: 5% drop chance
    These drop rates reflect the rarity of the skins, with higher-tier skins being more challenging to obtain, thereby adding an element of exclusivity and value to them.
  • Genesis Hero Capsule Drop Rate: Genesis Hero Capsules are exclusive Capsules available only during the Initial NFT Offering (INO) period. They provide a chance to obtain one of the ten unique Genesis Heroes, namely Axolt, Ayla, Bullock, Dotler, KwonDo, Mapius, Mora, Orca, Tazia, and Yano. Each of these heroes has an equal 10% drop rate, offering players a fair chance to acquire these exclusive characters.
Evermoon's Capsule system utilizes predefined drop rates to determine the distribution of heroes and skins, thereby ensuring an element of fair chance while also maintaining the rarity and exclusivity of certain in-game assets. This system adds a layer of excitement and anticipation to the Capsule opening experience and significantly contributes to the overall game dynamics.