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Play-and-Earn Model

Evermoon is revolutionizing the gaming industry with innovative Play-and-Earn Model on MOBA, where players are rewarded for their engagement, skill, and strategy. By integrating blockchain technology and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) into its core gameplay, Evermoon ensures that its in-game economy is robust, sustainable, and rewards-based.

Rewarding Engagement

At the heart of Evermoon's Play-and-Earn Model is the principle of rewarding players for our activity, skill, and dedication. By participating in matches and completing quests, players can earn various rewards such as Loot Boxes, NFT items, and in-game currency (Evermoon Tokens (or EVM) and Everstone Token (or ES)). This reward system fosters a sense of achievement and satisfaction, encouraging players to engage in the game regularly.

True Ownership and Tradeability

One of the key innovations of Evermoon's Play-and-Earn Model is the integration of NFTs. By tokenizing in-game assets like heroes and skins, players are granted true ownership of these items. This enables them to trade, sell, or purchase assets freely within the in-game marketplace, providing a sense of tangible value and autonomy.

Stamina System and Game Balance

Evermoon's Stamina System is integral to maintaining game balance and promoting a healthy in-game economy. Players receive a specific amount of daily stamina based on their assets, which can be used to participate in rewarding gameplay sessions. By carefully managing the supply of rewards through stamina allocation, Evermoon ensures that the value of in-game items and currency remains stable and sustainable.

Investment Opportunities

While Evermoon's Free-to-Play Model guarantees accessibility to all players, those who choose to invest in the game by purchasing NFT assets can unlock additional benefits. Invest Players receive more daily stamina, access to Ranked Matches, and increased reward potential. This tiered approach provides players with a range of investment opportunities, allowing them to tailor their gaming experience to their preferences.

Inclusive and Diverse Community

Evermoon's Play-and-Earn Model is not just a means of generating income for players, but also a tool for fostering a diverse, engaged community. By rewarding players for their participation and skill, Evermoon encourages a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition among its player base. Furthermore, the Free-to-Play Model ensures that all players, regardless of financial status, can partake in and benefit from the gaming experience.
In conclusion, Evermoon's Play-and-Earn Model offers a novel approach to gaming economics, combining rewarding gameplay, true ownership, and investment opportunities. By prioritizing player engagement and maintaining a balanced in-game economy, Evermoon sets the standard for the next generation of MOBA games and the future of the gaming industry.