Seasoned NFT

Evermoon presents Seasoned NFTs, a distinctive array of limited-edition Heroes and Skins that emerge exclusively for specified game seasons. As cornerstones of Evermoon's game economy, these NFTs combine real utility with unparalleled exclusivity, enhancing the overall gaming ambiance.

1. Seasoned Hero NFTs

Seasoned Hero NFTs are special Hero characters introduced during a particular season in the game. These characters are not just visually unique but also come with distinctive abilities and skills that add to the gameplay dynamics. Once the season ends, these Hero NFTs can no longer be minted, turning them into limited-edition collectibles. This increases their desirability and potential value on the peer-to-peer marketplace, similar to Genesis NFTs.

2. Seasoned Skin NFTs

These are unique cosmetic upgrades for Hero characters that are available for a limited time during a specific season. Seasoned Skin NFTs offer players an opportunity to personalize their characters, adding to the game's aesthetic appeal and diversity, as well as increasing stamina for the rewards drop portions. Like Seasoned Hero NFTs, these skins become limited-supply collectibles once the season ends, increasing their potential value on the peer-to-peer marketplace.

Mechanics of obtaining Seasoned NFTs

Exclusive to their native seasons, Evermoon prices these NFTs affordably to welcome new entrants at a fixed starting price. However, direct purchases are limited to Evermoon during the active season. Post-season, they are no longer available and must be acquired on the peer-to-peer marketplace. Their price can go up based on demand.
  • Entry Price Mechanics: To encourage accessibility, especially for newcomers, Seasoned NFTs are pegged at an affordable entry price, ranging $10-$50, exclusively during their season when bought directly from Evermoon.
  • Demand-Driven Value Appreciation: Post-season, as these NFTs become scarce, their demand can skyrocket in the peer-to-peer marketplace. Given their fleeting presence in the game store, their peer-to-peer trade value can soar, turning them into treasured assets.
Our MOBA strategy is carved around 'seasonal exclusivity'. Every hero and skin has its time under the spotlight for one season. After their curtain call, to get them, players need to delve into the peer-to-peer marketplace. This not only augments their NFT value but also intensifies the MOBA experience, making every match more than just a battle - it's an investment!