Character’s Story

Ayla - the daughter of Adelard, the King of Nakamatos, is trained in battle by the kingdom’s knight to pass the test of obtaining power from the piece of De-Zentrum. Ten years later, she engaged in the test of skills for De-Zentrum's powers; after successfully gaining the power, she became Everguard – which is a group that received power to protect their people.
Mapius – she was one of the people who passed the test of the Nakamatos. After she joins Electus, she loses one of her arms from her battle with Abris, a monster that had invaded Nakamatos. She engages a prosthetic arm that is advantageous in battles with the power of the De-Zentrum. She is also a close friend of Ayla, King Adelard’s daughter, and both of them always have a mini-battle against each other to prove who’s better no matter what that battle is.
Bullock - a former Nakamatos council member, he formed his own rebel group as part of a plan to steal the power of De-Zentrum after being not chosen to be a candidate for the test to acquire the powers. Therefore, he persuades people who wanted to gain the power to overthrow the council. During the rush hour, he stole the power and later on formed a new group called Ethern and soon turned into a new kingdom.
Dotler – a member of Ethen, he is a controversial person. He is often violent in various matters. He is also the leader of the Bruiser, which is the most violent group in Ethern. He had been slaughtering people who had affairs with him every day. He organizes a battle that brings people within the group to fight against each other in the arena.
Tazia - one of the most skilled warriors in the Byzan. As a child, he was rescued by the Jarad, the powerful people of the tribe. After that, Tazia underwent rigorous training to become a warrior of the tribe. With gratitude for his childhood heroes, he set up his training day after day until he became one of the strongest warriors in the tribe.
Mora - a weapons mechanic in the Byzan. She always secretly sells the weapons she created to other cities. Because she is fascinated with technology, she wants to come out to exchange technology in Everfield rather than sit and make weapons in her own tribe alone. She wants to bring out her knowledge and abilities to let others know. She also likes to combine different types of weapons to create her own weapons.
KwonDo - separated from his younger siblings when he was a child and was sent by his parents to a military school at the age of 10, he stayed in the military school for 5 years and received the first place to get into the military training. Twelve years later, he became the leader of the unit, thereby becoming an expert in using long-range weapons on the battlefield. While he is going to help people from bank robberies, he meets his brother who is the one robbing, so he wants to help his brother. He took his brother into the unit and told his supervisor that his brother had talent. He did not want the army to lose this talent source, so the commander accepted his brother and put him in charge of Yano.
Yano – Was captured by a group of thieves when he was a child but managed to escape, he later joins a gang of thugs to survive. Fifteen years later, he went to rob a bank and met his long-lost older brother, KwonDo. During the heist, KwonDo saw his skill in using close-range weapons and realized that Yano was his brother and wanted to help him to live a better life. Kwondo brought Yano into the army and introduced him to soldiers who were skilled in using swords to train his brother. Later, he came to work with KwonDo.
Orca - a highly-regarded assassin of the leader of the Solis tribe. One day, Orca was on a mission to explore outer space, when he returned, a group of people invaded the Solis, causing almost everyone in the tribe to die. Orca’s wife and children died in this tragedy. He set out to take revenge on the group that destroyed his tribe.
Axolt – a playful species that belongs to the Solis that supported the causes of the tribe for a long time. It is one species that belong to a minority that can still use the power of gems in their fight for survival against Ethern's invasion. Now, they are seeking a place to settle in the ocean while protecting their gems which are their energy source.
Forius - The identity of the tribe of The tazia was revered because Forius was responsible for protecting the Planterious Forest where the byzan tribes lived in exchange for worship for their own safety. Forius had the ability to create a forest and mist around the Planterious Forest to protect it. Danger of Forius' Forest Invaders.
Surtz - A living and inanimate (spirit). He has a physical body but cannot die or be killed. He was the one who wanted to use De-Zentrum's power to bring his body to life from his desires, allowing him to search for De-Zentrum's power and go to various places while looking for a holder. The power to fulfill his own desires caused chaos wherever he travelled.