EverField – All incidents of the war started when Beyonder separated its power into fractions and spread them all over to prevent the collapse of the world. That power is called De-Zentrum. One day, the Nakamatos tribe found a piece of De-Zentrum and stored them in the central sanctuary of the tribes. They pass through the power of De-Zentrum to a new leader every 100 years; from generation to generation, this tribe’s sacred ceremony creates jealousy and fury at the bottom of the fallen members.
The tragedy begins; the fallen tribe members created conflicts in the kingdom, which resulted in a revolution that affected the vast majority of the world. Now, war and battle begin to spread out all around the world.


The Everfield is divided into 4 lanes and 1 base for each side, each lane has its own role and duty. Moreover, Not every hero are fit in every lane, some heroes may be able to handle the lane based on skill design.
Base - The Base is the only place in the Everfield where a hero will be spawned and healed itself to prepare for battle. Moreover, if the base is get destroyed, players will lose the match. Protect it with your life!
Top Lane - The Top Lane is the lane for carry and support, players in this lane have to collect the objective for the team and destroy the outside tower for reaching the enemy base.
Mid Lane - The Mid Lane is the lane for mages, players in this lane need to observe and walk to another lane to support them due to the short distance between lanes. Be a fast ganger and support your team for the final victory!
Bottom Lane - The Bottom Lane is suited to Fighters, There is no important objective in this lane. Players need to stand in the lane alone, wait for the team to support and destroy the enemy outside tower for reaching to the base.
Jungle - The Jungle is fitted for assassins, there is a monster around the jungle that requires a fast damage dealer to kill them all. Clear the jungle fast for money and level, then kill the enemy with sharp weapons!