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Sacred Beast Story

In the world of EverField, the essence of the mystical De-Zentrum Power gives birth to extraordinary beings known as Sacred Beasts. These beasts represent the spirit and strength of each tribe in EverField, their origins linked to the hatching of the Sacred Egg.
Unlike ordinary creatures, Sacred Beasts are guided by an unseen force from a young age, training in a mystical academia to prepare them for their duty as guardians of their respective tribes. They are the embodiment of the tribe's collective wisdom and strength, designed to protect and guide their people.
When they reach maturity, these Sacred Beasts take on animal forms, symbolizing their connection to the natural world and their tribal roots. Each beast obeys and serves the most exceptional heroes of each tribe, acting as a loyal companion in peace and war.
Possessing immortality and wisdom beyond their years, these Sacred Beasts carry the knowledge of all the generations of heroes they have served, using this wisdom to guide the next generation of tribal heroes.

Five Sacred Beasts, one from each tribe, stand out for their unique abilities and characteristics:


Arthur, the Sacred Lion of Nakamatos Tribe: Born from a radiant golden egg discovered in the heart of the Nakamatos Kingdom, Arthur is a beacon of bravery and strength. His emergence marked a new era for the Nakamatos Tribe, embodying their unwavering spirit and unyielding courage. Arthur's roars are believed to shake the kingdom, symbolizing the tribe's resilience and determination.


Persia, the Sacred Cat of Ethern Tribe: The Ethern Tribe speaks of a night when a storm raged and lightning struck an unusual egg, revealing Persia, the Sacred Cat. Possessing a wisdom that belies her graceful form, Persia's magical abilities have turned the tides in many conflicts. She represents the tribe's cunning and ambitious spirit, always ready to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.


Buck, the Sacred Bear of Byzan Tribe: Buck was born from an egg nestled in the roots of the Planterious Forest's oldest tree. Upon hatching, the bear cub’s eyes held an age-old wisdom that stunned the tribe. As the tribe's protector, Buck's strength and courage have become legendary, echoing the Byzan people's deep connection with nature and their fierce determination to protect it.


Luna, the Sacred Rabbit of Lunarian Tribe: Luna’s arrival was a spectacle as awe-inspiring as the cosmos. Born from an egg found on a moonlit night, Luna appeared with a celestial glow. She is known for her intelligence and agile thinking, mirroring the Lunarian Tribe’s forward-looking vision and their desire for exploration and understanding the unknown.


Kuu, the Sacred Otter from Solis Tribe: Kuu emerged from an egg discovered in a hidden underwater cave, a testament to the Solis Tribe's deep bond with the sea. The otter is playful yet resilient, embodying the tribe's joyous spirit and their ability to adapt and thrive amidst challenges. Kuu’s presence serves as a constant reminder of the tribe's unity and their shared love for their aquatic home.
Together, these Sacred Beasts represent the spirit and unity of EverField, providing support and guidance to the heroes who fight to protect their tribes and maintain the balance in this extraordinary world.