Nakamatos – the tribe from the oldest kingdom that found the power fractions of De-Zentrum, the power that used to protect and balance the kingdom, which has been passed to the most eligible one through tests that happened every 100 years.
Ethern – the tribe formed by the people who wanted to receive the power of De-Zentrum, but was not elected. And this predicament birthed a rebellion that caused conflicts within the kingdom; later on, they separated from the kingdom to create their own—the one bearing the name Ethern Empire.
Byzan – the tribe living in the Planterious Forest which is a part of EverField. The reason why they live in the forest is that they don’t like fighting and they are peace-loving. Most of them possess the ability to cultivate, farm, and craft battle equipment and weapons to protect themselves from danger.
Lunarian – the tribe that lives on Terra planet and is on a mission to Evermoon for the promotion of Lunarian soldiers. Their mission is to survey the planets and the Kuvitos, the monsters that lived on the Evermoon planet, in order to be qualified for promotion.
Solis – the half-fish-half-human species who live in the seas of Vasmania region of Everfield. Because they live an aquatic life, they naturally can communicate under the sea and with other aquatic life forms. The Solis' peaceful life ceased when invaded by the Ethern for resources, which resulted in a big tragedy—the majority of Solis tribe dead and minority of survivors.