In Evermoon, players are given the opportunity to acquire Bundles - unique packages comprised of various in-game items designed to enhance gameplay. These Bundles, however, are not available for direct purchase from the Evermoon Primary marketplace. They are exclusively obtainable through event drops, adding an exciting element of exclusivity and anticipation to the game.
There are three exclusive Bundles that players can aspire to obtain:

Special Bundle Box

Comprising 10 double EXP cards, each valid for 1 day, this Bundle is tailored for players looking to rapidly progress in the game by doubling their experience points.

Epic Bundle Box

This Bundle is designed for players aiming to safeguard their rank and boost their game progression. It contains 10 Star Loss Prevention Cards that protect players from losing a star in ranking mode if a match is lost. Additionally, it includes 10 double EXP cards, valid for 3 days, extending the opportunity to earn double experience points.

Mystic Reward Bundle Box

The ultimate package, the Mystic Reward Bundle Box, provides not only 10 Star Loss Prevention Cards and 10 double EXP cards valid for 3 days, but also three special limited Icon NFTs. These NFTs are unique and limited in quantity, offering a touch of exclusivity to the player's profile.
Once obtained, these Bundles can be traded in the Marketplace, opening up opportunities for players to exchange and potentially earn from their assets. This structure promotes engagement in Evermoon events and enriches the overall gaming experience.