Cards in Evermoon serve as unique tools to enhance and customize the player experience, offering various benefits and modifications. Players can obtain these cards through purchase in the marketplace or as rewards from participating in Evermoon activities. The different types of cards available include:

Star Protection Card

This card safeguards players from star loss in ranking mode if they face defeat. Each card offers protection for one instance of loss.

Change Name Card

Players can utilize this card to change their in-game name once.

Discount Card

This card offers a special discount to players when purchasing items in the Evermoon store.

Double EXP Card

By using this card, players can earn double the experience points (EXP) from playing matches.

Double Everpoint Card

This card doubles the amount of Everpoints, the in-game currency, earned from playing matches.

Double Reward Card

When a player uses this card, it doubles the rewards received from opening a Loot Box.

Stamina Card

This card instantly refills one stamina point when used, allowing players to engage in additional matches.

Country Change Flag Card

Typically, players can change their in-game country flag once every 90 days. This card allows players to change their flag at any time, offering an extra layer of customization.
Each of these cards offers unique benefits, and their strategic use can greatly enhance a player's experience within Evermoon. From protecting hard-earned ranking stars, customizing player identity, to maximizing rewards and gameplay time, these cards are valuable assets for every player in their journey through Evermoon.
Last modified 4mo ago