Profile Frames

In Evermoon, the Profile Frame is an item that adds a decorative touch to the frame around a player's profile icon. By offering an additional layer of personalization, these frames allow players to set themselves apart, creating a more elegant and unique identity within the Evermoon community.
While everyone has a profile icon, a profile frame adds an exclusive dimension to a player's online persona. It reflects not only their aesthetic tastes but also their achievements and status within the game. Each frame is meticulously designed, offering a variety of styles to match the diverse personalities of our players.
With a Profile Frame, players can elevate their in-game presence, marking their identity with a touch of sophistication and exclusivity. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new entrant, your Profile Frame allows you to make a personal statement in the world of Evermoon. Choose a frame that resonates with your style and let your profile be a reflection of your unique journey in the game!

The Hero Frame

The Hero Frame, a specific type of Hero-Loading Scene Frame, takes this customization a step further. This exclusive frame is only available when combined with a unique RGB painted skin. It provides an additional layer of exclusivity and personalization, further augmenting the player's in-game persona.
Each Hero Frame is part of a limited series, with only 3,000 unique combinations available. This limited supply creates a sense of rarity and exclusivity, enhancing the appeal of these frames. Importantly, these frames cannot be sold separately from their corresponding skin, reinforcing their distinctiveness and value.
Acquiring a Hero Frame reflects not only a player's aesthetic preferences but also their achievements within Evermoon. By personalizing their profile with a unique Hero Frame, players can distinguish themselves within the game community, reflecting their commitment to the game and their progression within it. Own a piece of Evermoon's unique artistry and let your profile frame tell your gaming story.
Last modified 4mo ago