Heroes form the backbone of Evermoon, bringing to life the game's lore and providing players with a diverse range of characters to play. Divided into six distinct classes, each hero class is characterized by unique statuses such as HP, armor, attack power, mobility, and roles. These statuses can be further adjusted through the use of in-game items and skills, providing a wealth of strategic options for players.
The six hero classes, each with their strengths and weaknesses, are as follows:


Swift and lethal, Assassins excel at eliminating enemies with lightning-fast attacks from both short and long distances. High mobility and burst damage are their hallmarks, but this comes at the cost of lower HP.


Powerful and resilient, Fighters engage enemies with sheer force. They are a balanced class with high HP and armor, capable of dealing medium damage but are somewhat hampered by their low mobility.


The stalwart protectors of their allies, Tanks act as formidable shields, finding opportunities to counter enemies. They boast high HP and armor at the expense of lower attack power and mobility.


The main damage dealers from a long distance, Carries transform experience points gained with the support of allies into opportunities to defeat enemies. They deliver high continuous damage but have varying levels of HP and mobility and are characterized by lower armor status.


Mages wield powerful magic to vanquish enemies from afar. They deal the highest continuous damage among all classes but suffer from low HP, armor, and mobility.


Supporters use their diverse skills to aid allies from both short and long distances. Their roles can vary significantly, with some boasting high HP but medium to low armor, and dealing low damage with lower mobility. This class can be further divided into two types:
Support Tanker: Equipped with numerous Crowd Control (CC) skills, Support Tankers assist their teammates in attacking or defending turrets.
Support Healer: While they possess fewer Crowd Control (CC) skills, Support Healers can grant shields or restore HP to their teammates.
Each class hosts several heroes, with some heroes belonging to more than one class, offering a diverse array of options for players to choose from. This rich variety ensures that every player can find a hero that matches their playstyle and strategic preferences.