Profile Icon

Exclusive Profile Icons in Evermoon serve as a unique way for players to personalize their gaming profiles. These items are used as profile avatars and add a sense of individuality and style to a player's in-game identity.
These Exclusive Icons can be obtained through several routes within the game. Players can purchase them using Everpoints, the game's secondary currency. They can also be acquired as part of special sale packages that periodically become available, providing a valuable opportunity for players to enhance their profiles with unique and limited-edition icons.
In addition to these methods, players can also win Exclusive Profile Icons by participating in various Evermoon activities. These events offer exciting challenges and quests, rewarding successful participants with unique icons that are not available through other means.
One of the key features of Exclusive Icons is their rarity. Only a limited number of each unique icon is available, making them highly sought-after collectibles within the Evermoon community. Owning one of these icons signals a player's commitment and achievement within the game, making them a point of pride and a symbol of prestige.
So, start personalizing your profile today with an Exclusive Icon, and stand out in the Evermoon community!
Last modified 4mo ago