Runes in Evermoon are powerful items that enhance the initial status of a hero at the start of each new game. They offer a range of status improvements, allowing players to tailor their hero's abilities to their preferred style of play. Runes can be classified into three types:
  • Attack Runes: Increase a hero's damage output.
  • Defense Runes: Enhance a hero's defensive capabilities.
  • Mobility Runes: Improve a hero's movement speed or agility.
As a Rune's level increases, so too does the status improvement it offers. Rune levels are progressive, starting from 1 and reaching up to 3.

Rune Point System:

Each Rune carries a corresponding Rune Point value based on its level. Level 1 Runes have 1 Rune Point, Level 2 Runes have 2 Rune Points, and Level 3 Runes have 3 Rune Points.
Players are allocated a number of Rune slots equal to their account level, with each slot capable of supporting up to 3 Rune Points. For instance, a player at level 15 will have 15 Rune slots, allowing them to equip a maximum of 45 Rune Points (15 slots x 3 points per slot).
Before each game, players can equip a maximum of 30 Runes, across the 3 Rune types, to enhance their hero's status. Given the maximum player level is 30, this means there are 30 Rune slots available, with a total of 90 Rune Points (30 slots x 3 points per slot).

Names and Status Improvements for Each Type of Rune:

Attack Rune: Boosts the hero's damage output.

Defense Rune: Increases the hero's resilience and resistance to damage.

Mobility Rune: Enhances the hero's movement speed and agility.

The Rune's level determines the potency of the status improvement it provides. Higher level Runes offer greater enhancements but are more difficult to obtain. Players can upgrade their Runes to a higher level using a specific method.
Runes provide a strategic element to Evermoon, allowing players to customize their heroes' capabilities to suit their preferred gameplay style. Whether through boosting attack power, enhancing defense, or increasing mobility, Runes offer players a way to gain an edge on the battlefield.