Sacred Beast Pet

Sacred Beast Pets in Evermoon serve as more than mere battlefield companions. Although they imitate the actions of their associated heroes without affecting attack statistics, these mystical creatures play a significant role in the game's reward and progression systems.
Each Sacred Beast Pet hails from one of five unique tribes, with its affiliation determined randomly upon hatching. These tribes and their representative Sacred Beasts are as follows:
  • Nakamatos Tribe: Symbolized by the lion, Arthur
  • Ethern Tribe: Represented by the cat, Persia
  • Byzan Tribe: Embodied by the bear, Buck
  • Lunarian Tribe: Denoted by the rabbit, Luna
  • Solis Tribe: Portrayed by the otter, Kuu
The possession of a Sacred Beast Pet NFT carries a range of advantages for Evermoon players. In addition to aesthetically enhancing the gaming experience, a Sacred Beast Pet can significantly increase a player's potential rewards. With a Sacred Beast Pet NFT in their collection, players enjoy a 30% increase in the maximum reward drop rate, making these companions valuable assets in the quest for in-game success.
The path to acquiring a Sacred Beast Pet NFT is a journey of nurturing and evolution. By investing time and resources into their Sacred Beast, players can unlock a suite of exclusive rewards, adding a new layer of depth and engagement to their Evermoon experience.
It's important to note that these NFTs are not available for direct purchase. Instead, they can only be obtained through active participation in the game, rewarding players' consistent dedication and engagement. This system ensures that each Sacred Beast Pet NFT is a symbol of a player's commitment to their Evermoon journey, making these rare assets even more coveted within the game's community.