Tickets in Evermoon enables players to unlock new aspects of the game, expanding their gameplay opportunities and rewards. There are three types of tickets: Rune Page Tickets, Guild Tickets, and Everpass Tickets.

Rune Page Tickets

These tickets allow players to create a new Rune Page, which serves as a template for a new Rune Set. Before starting a match, players can select from their collection of Rune Pages to tailor their strategy according to their opponents or game mode. By having multiple Rune Pages, players can switch between different configurations, making their gameplay flexible and adaptable.

Guild Tickets

A Guild Ticket is used to establish a new Guild. Guilds in Evermoon are organized groups of players who can team up for matches, coordinate strategies, and socialize under a shared guild banner. By forming a Guild, players can build a community within the game, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.

Everpass Tickets

The Everpass is Evermoon's unique level book that assigns special quests to players. Completing these quests rewards experience points, which contribute to increasing the player's Everpass level. Every new level of the Everpass brings its own set of rewards, such as Rare Skins and Profile Icons. An Everpass Ticket is necessary to initiate a new Seasoned Everpass, opening up a series of seasonal quests and the opportunity to earn exclusive seasonal rewards.
In summary, Tickets in Evermoon serve as keys to new experiences and rewards within the game. Whether it's diversifying strategies with Rune Pages, building a community with a Guild, or undertaking special quests with an Everpass, Tickets bring a significant value-add to the player's journey in the world of Evermoon.
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